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Departing from Edinburgh, starting the tour in Stirling, The Heritage Centre at Bannockburn marks the site of the battle where King Robert the Bruce won against King Edward II to win freedom for the Scots from English domination. The Centre contains a fascinating exhibition on the period of the battle, and an audio-visual presentation.

After soaking up the atmosphere at the site of this important battle, it's on to The Wallace Monument. The monument was completed in 1869, and is 220 feet high. It was from this site in 1297 that William Wallace watched the English army approach Stirling Bridge, before he led the Scots into battle and victory. From the top of the Monument you can see some magnificent views of Stirling and beyond. The Monument has 246 steps to climb the first 71 and you will come to an interactive display where William Wallace himself tells the story of and his trial at Westminster hall. You can also view the 700 year old sword that belonged to Wallace.

Then it's on to Loch Lomond, the famous loch which has been much written about, both in song and verse. The area is renowned for its beauty and tranquillity and offers picture postcard views around every corner.

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