* Privacy: Butler's Chauffeur Drive respect your privacy - we will never Email you unless it is regarding a transaction or enquiry or you have specifically requested details of our packages. We would never give away or sell any personal details to any third party regarding our customers.

* If you would like a copy of our Business data policy please email your request.

Opening Hours:

We are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Hire Charges:

Starting from 3 hours minimum hire charge in Edinburgh base to base 4 hours out of Edinburgh and direct transfers are based on miles starting from our base.

Land Rover based on 8 hours minimum

Vat is charged at 20% - Vat Number: 120 1238 79

Hours and transfers calculated garage to garage except where subject to specific quotations.

50% surcharge 25th & 26th December and 1st & 2nd January 50% surcharge.

*For transfers between 2400am and 0530am there is a 15% extra added surcharge.*

Booking/Cancellation Charges:

All bookings must be paid in full before the hiring commences, unless stated otherwise.

Any extra hours will be settled at the end of the hire.

Please note when any vehicles are booked by anyone those vehicles then become unavailable to anyone else on the days and times booked so we then have to turn away any other requested bookings for those booked vehicles so all monies paid are non refundable.


We reserve the right to change any car booked as long as we provide the same standard of car. The Company reserves the right to sub contract to other companies should the need arise.

Invoices/Account Charges:

Invoices will be sent out on a weekly basis and payment is respectfully requested within 28 days.

No Smoking:

We reserve the right to adopt a no-smoking policy in our cars. This applies to both driver and passengers.

Passenger Behaviour:

We reserve the right to refuse travel to anyone that causes disruption, or endangers our drivers or passengers.


We do not accept liability for delays caused by unavoidable traffic delays/accidents, bad weather conditions, or delays caused by third parties such as ferry companies, hotels or any other third party contracted on your behalf.

Passenger Delays:

Please note we monitor all flights and all our drivers will not go in to terminal until flight lands. Once the driver arrives in to terminal the transfer rates given on your booking are based on no more than 1 hours waiting time. Any hours over 1 will be charged an extra £25 per hour plus parking plus vat.


We hold public liability, motor and business insurance and are responsible for all our own cars and drivers.

We do not accept responsibility for any theft or damage to goods except where such theft or damage was a direct action by one of Butler's Chauffeur Drive's employees.

We do not accept responsibility for bodily injury, sickness or death to any other person except where such injury, sickness or death is caused directly by a member of Butler's Chauffeur Drive's staff.

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